Healing Your Feelings

I taught a class yesterday on the high cost of unresolved negative emotions…. all who attended were ready to learn how to let go of the past and press in to a brighter emotional future.   Here’s a brief overview of the class:

The High Cost of Unresolved Negative Emotions:

  1. Build Up/Overload: When negative feelings/emotions are ignored or suppressed, they get stuffed down into an emotional holding place. Each time this happens, the pool of stuffed emotion has more pressure. Eventually, the proverbial straw will cause us to explode or implode over some seemingly small thing. We get “flooded” and unable to control our emotional responses any longer.
  1. Physical Illness: When we experience negative thoughts/feelings/emotions, our brain releases chemicals into our body, like cortisol, adrenaline, and others. Over 1,300 chemical reactions can occur during strong negative emotion. If we deal constructively with those emotions, the chemicals are excreted through the bodies elimination processes. If we don’t deal with them, the chemicals/toxins are stored in various places in the body. They eventually cause disease and dysfunction. For instance, anger is typically stored in the liver. Resentment/bitterness is stored in the joints and connective tissue. Grief is stored in the lungs. (Not the actual emotions, but the neuro-chemicals that produce the emotions.) 87% – 95% of all illnesses are psychosomatic – meaning they are related to our thoughts/emotions.
  1. Many negative emotions have been pushed down/ignored to the point of being unrecognized except by their physical manifestation in the body or the effects on the mind. Example: Arthritis – jealousy/resentment/bitterness; Depression – anger/frustration.
  1. Lowers your Frequency: Frequency is the measurement of electrical vibration ; usually expressed as Mhz. Normal body = 62-68 MHz. Below 62 MHz is when human cells can start to change or mutate.
  • 58MHz – cold or flu
  • 55 MHz – candida
  • 52 MHz – Epstein-Barr virus
  • 42 MHz – cancer
  • 20 MHz – beginning of death process

Negative thoughts/emotions lower frequency by 10-12 MHz

Positive thoughts/feelings/prayer raises frequency by 10-15 MHz

What Can We Do About It?

  1. Begin to work with the Holy Spirit to clean out our emotional storehouse. When negative emotions arise, investigate their origins in your life. Identify the root cause and begin to heal that particular feeling.
  • Dr. Caroline Leaf says that when something comes to mind, we need to start dealing with it right away, or else it sinks back down into our subconscious and only re-emerges later when we experience the negative effects again.
  1. Start looking at the physical things we are experiencing to see if there might be a correlation between our aches and pains and our stuffed feelings. Read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, or some other Mind-Body book for clues. Louise Hay even has an app for your phone!
  1. Use Essential Oils to help bring up your frequency, unblock stuffed or repressed emotions, de-program triggers, release emotional build up, assist the body to re-program DNA and RNA, etc.

*EO’s in the higher vibrational range influence emotions

*EO’s in the lower vibrational range have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones and bones; also on viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  1. Speak the Word of God over your emotions. There is scientific proof that your body listens to your voice, and also that the Word of God has an effect in the brain that is unique.
  1. PRAY! God says “you have not because you ask not”. We must become intentional about our thoughts and feelings; and we must ASK God to heal us – not automatic even though our inheritance. Receive by faith through grace.

This is YOUR time to change!