Healthy Body

A Healthy Lifestyle is Possible!

A healthy body is foundational for a healthy life!

We offer an initial health assessment based on several questionnaires and checklists.  Once we know the areas you may want to improve, we provide the following options to help:

  • educational materials
  • spiritual/emotional roots of disease and pain
  • nutritional plans for your needs
  • meal planning based on your blood type/issues/lifestyle
  • help with transitions from junk food to easy nutrient-rich, healthy cuisine
  • tips to get you moving your body
  • non-toxic optimal supplement suggestions
  • and of course, prayer for divine healing!

Whatever your physical needs are, we can help.

Kairos Life Institute is committed to teaching natural health and wellness based on Biblical health principles…small steps can create big changes in how you feel every day!

Since we are tri-part beings of body, soul, and spirit, we recommend exploring connections between physical symptoms and emotional/spiritual issues via our Soul Care and Free Spirit tracks.

“Healthy Body” sessions are educational and not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Always check with your family physician prior to implementing any changes to your current intake, activity, or supplements.

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